Michelle Codd

Yoga Instructor, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher
Michelle Codd
Michelle’s classes vary from gentle to vigorous and incorporate modifications appropriate to all levels. She offers a style that is accessible and easy to understand. Her specialty is creating a nurturing environment so women can feel secure and grounded enough to begin to explore their female energies. Her classes are often focused on the lunar and seasonal cycles, and will weave together Yoga Nidra, meditation and breath-work geared toward accessing energy and the chakra system.
Michelle has been practicing yoga for almost 20 years and has been teaching for 7.
She is affiliated with ‘The Yoga Alliance’. She is also a registered instructor and facilitator with ‘Yoga Nidra Network’.
Fully qualified practitioner for adolescents with ’The Teen Yoga Foundation’
Fully qualified and registered Pregnancy Yoga Teacher ,’womb yoga.org’.
As well asa reps accredited health and fitness professional.