Birthlight has been created by Francoise Freedman in 1990 and offers a unique approach to practice for mothers-to-be. This concept has been based on years of research, and combines elements of yoga, dance, anatomy and physiology. Our classes are sequenced to tone and strengthen the body, and for all the ladies to have fun!

Perinatal Yoga by Birthlight is accessible to all women from week 14 of pregnancy.

The movements and techniques will help you to:

  • promote the awareness of the pelvis and pelvic floor in preparation for labour
  • align and strengthen the body, and create the space the growing baby to move
  • help to ease some common pains and aches during pregnancy and labour
  • reduce the stress and anxiety by breathing exercises
  • promote deep relaxation to help with sleeping and increasing the energy
  • encourage bringing awareness to breathing during pregnancy and labour
  • assist the optimal foetal position of the baby for the natural birth
  • give the time to create a bond between a mother and a baby